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    Blue Moon 6

    Once in a Blue Moon...

    It’s here once again…it’s Kohler Credit Union’s
    6th annual Blue Moon loan sale! 

    Maximum Term APR Rate (i) Monthly Payment (i)
    Up to 72 Months 1.99% $14.76
    73 to 84 Months($40,000 and above) 2.99% $13.22

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    Wellness Check

    We Believe…In Financial Wellness!

    Through a personalized approach, we will provide a holistic view of our members' financial situation and offer guidance on their credit situation, budgeting, planning for the future and more.

    Sign up for a personalized Financial Wellness Checkup today!

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    Debit Card

    Start Earning Rewards!

    Receive a free Scorecard debit card with any checking account and start earning rewards that you can redeem for merchandise, travel and more! Simply use the debit card as a signature transaction and automatically earn 1 point for every $2 spent. 

    NEW Fuel Discount Award - Now you can enjoy a real-time, instant fuel price rollback at the pump.

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    Credit Card

    Kohler Credit Union ATIRAcredit™ Serenity MasterCard®

    Do you ever feel like the big interest rates on your other credit cards have taken control of your wallet? Now you can put yourself in a brighter financial picture… paying LESS interest every month… with the all-new Kohler Credit Union ATIRAcredit™ Serenity MasterCard®.

    No rewards. No headaches.

    • Lower APR means you pay LESS interest
    • NO annual fee*
    • NO balance transfer fees*


Kohler Credit Union - Making life better for you.

At Kohler Credit Union, YOU are the “U” in Union. Our #1 goal is to provide everything our members need to make personal dreams come true, to help businesses flourish, and allow our communities to thrive. You’ll find a comprehensive range of excellent, affordable financial services—from health savings accounts to business loans—delivered with personalized service and the modern conveniences that fit your life.

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Take the stress out of purchasing your next vehicle by getting preapproved for an auto loan. You’ll have the satisfaction of knowing how much you can afford and the comfort of working with someone you can trust. 

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Purchasing or building a home can be a daunting task whether it’s your first time or tenth. With a personalized approach, our mortgage professionals will lead your through the process and into the house of your dreams. 

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Let your home work for you. Use your home’s equity for home improvements, major purchases, paying for college, consolidating debt and more!

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Save MORE, earn MORE, with a Kohler Credit Union ATIRAcredit™ Platinum Rewards MasterCard®. Earn points on every purchase and redeem for cash, gift cards, merchandise, travel and more.

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