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Financial Literacy

Kohler Credit Union is dedicated to supporting activities involving financial education, literacy and outreach programs.  Our commitment leads us to participate in and support initiatives that empower our members and the community to help them make smarter financial decisions.

Improvements in financial literacy can have a profound impact on the community, and the ability of members of that community to provide for their future and avoid the pitfalls of debt. It has become increasingly important for consumers to understand basic financial fundamentals given the ever changing financial environment and the impacts of technology within that environment.

Kohler Credit Union participates in financial literacy in a number of ways.

School Branches

We currently have 4 branches that are located in local high schools. We work with school administrators to employ students for those branches and the students also work at one of our other, brick and mortar branches to broaden their financial experience. Students gain valuable work experience as well as get a real world perspective on an important life skill.

Classroom and Community Presentations

We work with school administrators and teachers to create classroom presentations that highlight a multitude of financial topics; catering our presentations to the needs of the students. Click here to see an example of the topics we can cover.

Additionally, we will work with church and civic groups, and other organizations, to tailor a financial literacy presentation to suit the needs of each individual group.

To learn more or to schedule a presentation, please complete the contact us form select Community Outreach from the department list.


The credit union has partnered with Banzai, a nationally recognized financial literacy program, to bring their financial education program to local schools. Banzai exposes students to real-life adult financial dilemmas, from taming a budget and paying auto insurance to navigating taxes. As a local sponsor of Banzai, Kohler Credit Union is able to support 14 – 16 educators each year by paying for their Banzai materials.

Outreach Programs and
Other Financial Literacy Services

Additionally, Kohler Credit Union participates in and supports outreach/community programs such as Money Smart Week, Junior Achievement, and the Youth Apprentice program, as well as conducting our own financial-related seminars.

If you or someone you know is in need of financial education, please contact Kohler Credit Union. We welcome the opportunity to make our community and our members financially fit!