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This That & Chit Chat

December 9, 2015
by: Katie Rammer

Keep your Holidays Happy!

Ever since I can remember, the last two months of the year have always been my favorite. Celebrating with family, eating delicious home cooked meals until you’re about to explode, decorations hung from every place imaginable and of course… the loads of presents both given and received! During those last 60 days of the year, it feels like everyone is full of all sorts of happiness, including me… until of course… I add up the receipts and look at my account balances and see how much I spent!

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September 10, 2015

The Gummy Worms are Eating our Budget

I started the year making two New Year’s resolutions…to exercise more and eat healthier (which happens to be a resolution every year for me)…and to keep a closer eye on our finances in hopes to save for a house or another large purchase. While resolution #1 is mostly in my control, #2 is a little harder because I’m setting a resolution for my husband as well!

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