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Compassionate Heights

Business members since 2019


Owners: Keri G. & Danielle B.

Address: 1937 N. Main Street, West Bend

Phone: 262.483.6408

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://www.compassionateheights.com

Compassionate Heights is a CNA community-based residential facility serving the community of West Bend and the surrounding area. They provide assisted living services to the elderly and their families to ensure loved ones receive quality and compassionate care. Together, Keri and Danielle have over twenty years’ experience in the caregiving industry and have held positions in nearly every aspect of the business including caregiver, management and administration.

“Kohler Credit Union was instrumental when it came to opening our West Bend location. With their help we were able to completely remodel our facilities to give it a modern yet cozy feel for our residents that call it home. Their business team is always willing to answer questions and have helped make our business what it is today.”

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