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Next Level of Digital Banking goes LIVE on FEBRUARY 19!

We are excited to announce an enhanced online and mobile banking experience! Below are important dates, action items and information you will need to know in order to make this a smooth transition.

Get ready to be able to

  • Use touch ID or facial recognition to log in
  • Reset your password if locked out
  • Send secured messages to KCU
  • Easily manage and budget finances
  • Experience consistent functionality on all devices


Action Required Now…

  • IT IS CRITICAL that we have your current email address and mobile phone number so that you can receive a secure access code to log into the new system for the first time.  You will be unable to log in without this secure access code.

Please call 888.528.2595 to ensure we have your correct contact information.

Important Dates and Things to Note…

  ·  Bill pay usersDownArrow

  • Your payees and scheduled payments WILL automatically be moved to the new system and process normally even during the disabled time period (see below).
  • February 10: The last day you can access the current system and add a payee or schedule a payment.
  • February 10: The last day to download online bill pay history. (Bill pay history will not transfer over to the new system.) To download history, click on the “Activity” tab within online bill pay and set your desired date range. Click on “Download Payment List” at the bottom of the page and follow the instructions.
  • February 11 – 18: Online bill pay system will be DISABLED to prepare for the upgrade.You will be unable to access the system and conduct any new transactions.
  • Make note of your eBills as they will not transfer over.

  ·  My Money Manager usersDownArrow

  • Make note of any links to external accounts and alerts that you have set up as these will not transfer over to the new system.

  ·  Popmoney usersDownArrow

  • Make note of your payees and any recurring Popmoney transfers as they will not transfer over.

  ·  Recurring internal transfers and loan paymentsDownArrow

  • February 12: The last day to set up new recurring internal transfers and loan payments. Any recurring internal transfers and loan payments scheduled by February 12th WILL automatically transfer to the new system.


  ·  First time loginDownArrow

  • Whenever you attempt to login from a unregistered device, you will receive a Secure Access Code that will be needed to get logged in. Secure Access Codes may be delivered through text message, voice message or email. When attempting to login from a registered device, you will use your userid and password.

  ·  Mobile banking (app) usersDownArrow

  • Apple users – You will need to accept the mobile banking app update.
  • Android/Samsung users - You will need to delete the current app from your device and download the new KCU mobile banking app.

  ·  Bill pay users DownArrow

  • Re-establish your eBills and review your payees and scheduled payments as an extra precaution to ensure they transferred over correctly.

  ·  My Money Manager users DownArrow

  • Link in your external account information into the new built in personal finance management tool and set up alerts. More information on this tool can be found below.

  ·  Popmoney users DownArrow

  • Reset your payees and recurring transfers into eYAP our new person to person payment system.

  ·  Recurring internal transfers and loan payments DownArrow

  • Review your transfers and loan payments as an extra precaution to ensure they transferred over correctly.


All the great things you enjoy about beMOBILE with enhancements and new functionality that will make your digital banking experience even more convenient!

  ·  Home page/account detail DownArrow

  ·  Self-service password resetDownArrow

  • If you get locked out, you will be able to reset your password online with the use of a secure access code.  

  ·  Integrated personal finance management toolDownArrow

  • You will now be able to generate a budget, view spending trends, categorize transactions, monitor your debts and review your net worth all from the home screen! The built in finance management tool allows you to link in all of your external account information including credit cards, retirement accounts, investments, and accounts with other financial institutions.
  • Come back after January 11th for more information

  ·  Secured messagesDownArrow

  ·  Move money – account to accountDownArrow

  • Use the account to account function to transfer funds to another suffix in your account.

  ·  Move money – member to memberDownArrow

  • Use the member to member function when transferring funds to another member of Kohler Credit Union. To use this feature you will need to know both their member number and the suffix.

  ·  Move money – person to personDownArrow

  • eYAP Logois our new person to person funds transfer system that makes it easy to electronically transfer funds to anyone!

  ·  AlertsDownArrow

  • Use alerts to notify you when certain activities or transactions occur.

  ·  Touch ID and facial recognitionDownArrow

  • Enjoy convenient and secure access into your account with touch ID, a fingerprint identity sensor, or facial recognition, unlocking your smartphone by looking at it.

  ·  Platform consistencyDownArrow

  • All functions and features, and the same great look, available on every platform…desktop, tablet and mobile phone!