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Keeping you financially fit.

Our goal with a financial wellness check is simple…we want to build stronger relationships with our members by providing them with support and information related to solutions that can help them become financially successful. Kohler Credit Union is here to help every step of the way whether our members have a current need or are planning for life changing events in the future.

Through a personalized approach, we will provide a holistic view of our member’s financial situation and offer guidance on their credit situation, budgeting, planning for the future and more. Some of the topics and questions that may be discussed during a financial wellness check are:

  • MANAGE your finances
    • How do you keep track of your account balance(s)?
    • How do you prefer to pay for purchases (cash, credit, debit, etc.)?
  • BORROW smarter
    • After reviewing your credit report, do you notice any discrepancies? (Kohler Credit Union will ask your permission to run your credit report so you can review this during the appointment.)
    • What is most important to you when considering whether to take out a loan (paying it off as quick as possible, low monthly payments, etc.)?
  • GROW your money
    • Do you have anything specific you are saving for (car, wedding, house, family, vacation, etc.)?
    • How do you save for long-term goals? Do you utilize any investment services?
  • PROTECT your future
    • What type of financial protection do you use (loan protection products, life insurance, etc.)?
    • How do you monitor your account activity (text alerts, credit monitoring, etc.)?

After discussing your financial situation, our experienced member service representative will make recommendations based on your individual needs. If requested, they can help you sign up for online or mobile services, set up an automatic transfer into your savings account or even get you in touch with a lending specialist to help you refinance your loan. In the end, it’s about Kohler Credit Union believing that every member deserves to be financially fit.

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