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Kohler Credit Union
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Checking Accounts
Benefits Plus

All Kohler Credit Union checking accounts include these benefits:

  • FREE online account access
  • FREE online bill payment
  • FREE automatic overdraft protection – Money, if available, will be transferred from your primary share account (subject to Reg. D limitations, please see a Kohler Credit Union employee for details)
  • FREE first box of Kohler Credit Union standard checks
  • FREE Kohler Credit Union VISA® debit card –Start earning rewards! Kohler Credit Union is now offering reward points on your debit card when you sign for your transactions. So go ahead and say "credit"... the money is still withdrawn from your checking account.

    • Earn 1 point for every $2 spent (for signed purchases only; PIN transactions do not apply)
    • View the status of your reward points online
    • Redeem your points for merchandise or airline travel
    • Earn points for everything you purchase!
  • Access to Benefits Plus®
Notice to Debit Card Users

To avoid any debit card disruptions or declined transactions while traveling out of state, we recommend that you notify the credit union of your travel plans by simply calling 888.528.2595 (option 2) during normal business hours to speak with a member service representative.

If during normal business hours you encounter any debit card issues, such as a declined transaction, or a lost or stolen card, please call the same toll free number listed above.

If you need to report a card lost or stolen during non-business hours, please call 888.528.2595 (option 4). In the event that your debit card transaction was declined during non-business hours, and you used the card in a signature-based transaction, please try it as a PIN transaction.