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It’s ...Do You Bank Online Yet?!

If you don’t, what’s holding you back?! In this day and age, online and mobile banking really is for everyone... whether you’re young or old, computer savvy or not. The safety, security and time-saving benefits truly outweigh a hurried, gas guzzling drive to your financial institution to make it before closing time! Just one click to and you’re there!

Bunny Slipper Services

Bunny Slipper ServicesKohler Credit Union’s electronic “Bunny Slipper Services” gives you the free and comfortably “fuzzy” convenience of banking from your slippers! Or, from the airport between flights; your office; your hotel—literally anywhere you’ve got internet access and a web-enabled device! Manage your accounts, transfer funds, pay bills, apply for loans—anytime, from anywhere, at no charge.

With KCU’s electronic services you can freely and easily manage your finances at your fingertips. And when we say finances, we mean pretty much anything from checking your current balances to applying for a mortgage! Whether you actively use all services or only your favorites occasionally, here’s what’s readily available:

  • ► Online account access
    • View real time account balances and histories
    • View cleared checks and confirm deposits
    • Transfer funds between KCU accounts
    • Make loan payments and receive loan advances
  • ► Online bill payment
    • Set up email alerts for electronic bill arrivals
    • Receive, view, manage and pay bills
    • Schedule automatic recurring payments for each biller
    • Review bill payment history
  • ► Telephone transactions via “Call KCU”
    • Review account balances and recent transactions
    • Transfer funds between KCU accounts
    • Talk live to a KCU representative
  • ► eStatements
    • Email alert when your statement is available
    • Easy access to view or print statements
    • Less risk of identity theft by no longer receiving paper statements
    • Up-to-date information
  • Mobile Banking
    • Downloadable apps, text banking and mobile banking browser; just link to
    • Check balances, change your password, transfer funds and change your email address
  • Loan Applications
    • Access KCU’s online auto loan and mortgage applications and apply from anywhere, even when you’re on the go!
  • My Money Manager
    • Keep track of ALL your finances…not just accounts at Kohler Credit Union
    • Create custom budgets
    • Keep track of upcoming bills and incoming cash
    • Identify where your money goes
    • Set spending targets and track goals
    • Identify ways to cut back on spending
  • Pop Money
    • Send money using an account number, email address or mobile number
    • Select from a number of e-greeting templates for payment notifications sent via email

There’s so much to do with Bunny Slipper Services! So if you haven’t banked in your bunny slippers yet, what’s really holding you back? Our member service representatives will gladly walk or talk you through an online demonstration, step by step, until you’re comfortable clicking your own way through. Call us today at 888.528.2595, or go to for a demo of our “Bunny Slipper Services”.

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