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Deposit multiple checks with remote deposit capture

Does your business deposit several checks a week? No need to visit a branch if that’s not convenient for you! With remote deposit capture, you can deposit a batch of business checks using a specialized scanner directly from your home or office.

This service has a $50.00 monthly maintenance fee and will require the purchase of a SalesSource International Panini or digital check scanner. If you have questions on what type of scanner to purchase, please contact our business services team.

After purchasing your scanner follow these steps to deposit a batch of checks using remote deposit capture:

  1. Endorse the back of all checks and write “For Remote Deposit at Kohler Credit Union (KCU) only.” Please include your account number after that text.
  2. Follow the scanner’s prompts before scanning:
    1. Enter a description for the day’s deposit. Typically this is the date of deposit.
    2. Enter the batch quantity. This is the total number of checks being scanned.
    3. Enter the batch total. This is the total dollar amount of checks being scanned.
  3. Click “Start Scan” to begin scanning your checks.

Contact your Business Relationship Officer or member service at 888.528.2595 to request this service or for more information. The daily deposit limit varies per business member and will be discussed on initial request of this service.

For more details, please review  Business Remote Deposit Capture Guidelines and  Funds Availability.