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The Next level of Digital Banking!

View and manage your business accounts, from your desktop, tablet or smartphone, when it’s most convenient for YOU!

  • Use touch ID or facial recognition to log in
  • Reset your password if locked out
  • Send secured messages to KCU
  • Easily manage and budget finances
  • Experience consistent functionality on Smartphones, tablets and desktop
  • Free up time for more important things!!

 Just follow along below to learn how easy it is to manage all aspects of your financial life!

Digital banking requirements

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Secure access code
  • Whenever you attempt to login from an unregistered device, you will receive a secure access code that will be needed to get logged in. Secure access codes may be delivered through text message, email or voice message. When attempting to login from a registered device, your userid and password will be used.

Account information
  • Digital banking makes it easy to stay on top of your transactions. You can review account balances and history, view cleared checks and deposits, sign up for eStatements and manage account preferences.

Move money
  • Account to account: Use the account to account function to transfer funds to another suffix in your account.

  • Member to member: Use the member to member function when transferring funds to another member of Kohler Credit Union. You will need to know their account number, account type and first 3 letters of last name.

Personal financial management
  • Keep track of ALL your finances in one place…even accounts outside of Kohler Credit Union…with integrated financial management tools within digital banking:
    • Linked accounts: Get a comprehensive and organized view of your entire financial landscape, by pulling in your credit card, investment, external loan and other financial institution information into digital banking.
    • Budget: Budgets are automatically created based on your monthly spending habits in each category, and displayed in a visually appealing way to help you monitor your budget status.
    • Spending: Customizable charts help you easily identify your biggest expenses, areas to cut back, expenses that need to be re-categorized, and spending trends.
    • Trends: Track spending in each category and compare your overall spending to your income to identify if you are living within your means or have available income to allocate to other areas such as retirement, paying off debt, and more.
    • Debts: After linking in your debt from all sources (credit cards, lines of credit, mortgages, auto loan, etc.), prioritize what debt to pay first, analyze accelerated payoff scenarios, calculate when each area of debt will be paid off and more.
    • Net worth: View a summary of your entire financial life including insights into what you have and owe as well as what you earn, spend, save and pay towards debt, and see how it progresses over time.
    • Cash flow: Allows users to view their deposit and spending history and predict future balances.

Pay bills electronically
  • Take control of your financial picture by tapping into the convenience of electronic bill payment:
    • Make payments to companies or individuals…or make a loan payment.
    • Determine when you want payments made
    • Schedule auto payments
    • Bill pay tutorial videos

Mobile deposit

View eStatements

eStatements are convenient, safe and secure.  They reduce the risk of identity theft by no longer receiving paper statements in the mail.

  • Enrolling is easy by going into “Settings”.
  • View our short interactive video on how to set up eStatements in our Digital Academy.

Balance check form

Credit Insights

Credit Insights is a free credit monitoring tool within digital banking.

  • Instant access to your credit score and credit report
  • Personalized money-saving offers
  • Financial wellness tips on how to improve your score or maintain an already great score

Learn More

Apple Watch
  • Now you can check your account balances and transactions in a flash!
  • Easily view account balances and transactions on your Apple Watch®* without having to log in!

Learn More

  • If you have a Kohler Credit Union debit card and are enrolled in digital banking, CardSwap is free and easy to use. Click here to download  step-by-step instructions.
  • CardSwap allows you to update your payment information, all at once and in one place, when you receive a new or replacement debit card.
  • In a few simple steps, your debit card information can be added to multiple accounts simultaneously. There are over 55 popular sites and services to choose from including Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, iTunes, Target, Starbucks, Uber, Spotify, and more.

Secure Messages
  • A secured message function that allows 2-way communication between you and Kohler Credit Union.

  • Customize alerts to notify you of certain activities or transactions such as low balance, withdrawal notifications, cleared deposits and more. Alerts can help detect suspicious or fraudulent activity.

Self-service password reset
  • Receive a secure access code to reset your password if you get locked out.

Customize your account
  • Nickname accounts: You can change your account names to help identify and manage them easier.
  • Organize accounts: Account “tiles” can be moved to create a customized view. Simply drag and drop an account tile onto the tray icon that pops up on the bottom of your screen and assign the group a name.