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Additional Services

Kohler Credit Union provides an array of additional benefits to help meet our members' needs.


Safe Deposit Box

Have peace of mind by keeping important documents in a safe place. Contact Us for questions on box sizes and fees. 

Notary Services

Each branch has a licensed notary for use in signing and authenticating official documents.

Legal Services

Kohler Credit Union has contracted with the law firm of Olsen, Kloet, Gunderson & Conway to provide legal advice and consultation to credit union members. Members are eligible for 2, 30 minute consultations.

This plan is not a substitute for the retention of your own personal attorney. If you retain the firm for legal services beyond advice and consultation, you shall be responsible for the cost of such service. Please contact the law firm directly if you wish to utilize this Kohler Credit Union membership benefit.  

Night Deposit

You can utilize a deposit box for after-hour’s needs.