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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your routing/ABA number?

Kohler Credit Union's routing/ABA number is 275978417. ABA numbers are also called routing numbers. A routing number is a nine-digit number that is specific to a financial institution. Financial institutions can use routing numbers in order to process electronic fund transfers (EFT).

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How do I reorder checks?

There are multiple ways to order checks. Within digital banking, go to Services/Reorder Checks from any device. By using this link you can save time as some of the important account details will be automatically filled in for you.

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What do I do if I lost my credit/debit card?

To report your Debit card lost or stolen during normal business hours call 888-528-2595. The KCU representative will mark the status of the card lost or stolen immediately. Additionally, you will want to request a new debit card.

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How do I send or receive domestic wire transfers?

To receive a wire transfer into your Kohler Credit Union account, please provide the following information to the sender:

Corporate Central Credit Union:
Muskego, WI 53150
ABA# 275082866

For credit to Kohler Credit Union:
ABA# 275978417
Your name and Kohler Credit Union account number

To send a wire transfer, you first need to contact the…

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What are your hours?

Go to our locations page to find the hours of operation of a branch near you.  

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What do I do if I forgot my digital banking password?

You may retrieve your Login ID by utilizing the self-service "Login Help" feature on the login screen of digital banking. You will need to provide your date of birth, zip code and social security number in order to use this self-service feature and verify your account.

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What are the current auto loan rates?

Kohler Credit Union's current auto loan rates are always online. We offer great rates and flexible terms on our auto loans. Did you know that you can work directly with Kohler Credit Union to get a pre-approved auto loan? That's right.

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Where can I get information about career opportunities?

Kohler Credit Union is a great place to work! To see current openings please visit our careers opportunities page. Thank you for your interest!

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What is your SWIFT code? Can you receive international wire transfers?

The credit union does not have a swift code. The credit union can only receive international wires if the foreign FI is able to send via a United States Bank. If they are able to send to the US provide the following information, below.

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How do I apply to refinance my auto loan?

Apply for an auto loan online or call us at 888-528-2595 option 3. Your lending specialist will help you facilitate this simple process. Did you know that you can work directly with Kohler Credit Union to get a pre-approved auto loan? That's right.

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