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Leverage the value of your home.

Home Equity Line of Credit

HELOC, a home equity line of credit*, is a great way to take advantage of the value of your home. Qualified members may borrow up to 90% of their home's equity (the appraised value of your house less the amount of any outstanding mortgage balance).

  • Low interest rate (varies monthly with the Prime Rate**)
  • The convenience of getting money 24/7 from your pre-approved line-of-credit by transferring funds via online account access, via “Call KCU", or stop by any branch
  • No annual fee

Since the interest rate is low and the interest may be tax deductible (consult your tax adviser regarding deductibility), you may want to combine other outstanding loans and take advantage of this great product.

*Home Equity Early Disclosure
**Rates based on Prime Rate plus a margin based on credit worthiness and loan to value. 

Home Equity Loan

A home equity loan provides a fixed amount of money repayable over a fixed period. Traditionally termed a ”second mortgage”, these loans are perfect for those who require a specific amount of money and want loan balance stability. Qualified members may borrow up to 100% of the home's equity. You might consider this over a line of credit if you need a set amount for a specific purpose such as paying your taxes, tuition or consolidating other high-interest loans.

  • Affordable fixed rates
  • Fixed monthly payments
  • No annual fee or prepayment penalties

Apply for a HELOC loan today

Apply for a home equity loan today