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Mortgage FAQs

We have compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions.

How do I get pre-approved to purchase a home?
The fastest way to get the pre-approval to start shopping for your new home is to apply online.

How long will I be pre-approved?
Pre-approvals are good for up to 120 days.  In the event you do not find a home in that amount of time, we can extend the pre-approval by receiving some updated information.

When do I lock my rate?
When you have an accepted offer on the home you are going to purchase and pay the $599 application fee, the rate would need to be locked at that time to continue the process and order the appraisal.

What are your current mortgage rates? 
Click here for our current mortgage rates. Not every borrower will qualify for the posted rates as rates are based on credit history, property type, loan amount, and other factors.  These rates can change daily and the current rate at time of lock would apply.

How much are closing costs?
Closing costs vary based on several factors and can range from $1,500-$2,500.  There are times when mortgage promotions have discounted closing costs. In order for us to determine your specific closing costs, submit an online application and one of our experienced Mortgage Loan Originators can assist you further.

How long does the refinance process take?
The start to finish process time for refinancing your home can vary greatly, dependent upon a few factors.  However, the typical turnaround time for refinancing your home would be 3-6 weeks.

Is it worth refinancing my current mortgage?
This depends on what you are hoping to accomplish (lower monthly payment, better rate/term, cash-out, etc.).  Please go to our Loan Comparison Calculator.  Our current rates are located here.