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Protect Your Money

Protecting you and providing a secure environment is our top priority. At Kohler Credit Union, we take the security and insurance of your funds very seriously. The information below is to help you understand the steps Kohler Credit Union takes to secure your funds and to provide information to help guard against identity theft.


  • Our 128-bit Encryption protects all data that is transferred between your KCU account, Internet and your personal computer. 
  • Multi Factor Authentication is an authentication mechanism relying on more than one type of authentication. This security feature requires members to take additional steps when logging in to their online account access.
  • You should always log out from your online banking sessions when you have finished. However, if you forget to log out, or if you are inactive for more than 20 minutes within online banking, a "time out" session will automatically log you off from the website. This protects you so that no one else will gain access or view your account information.
  • If your login password has been entered incorrectly three consecutive times, KCU will lock any further online access to the account. This is to protect you from someone trying to incorrectly access your account. If you have been locked out of your account, contact us at 888.528.2595.


  • Digital Certificates help identify unauthorized sites and give you evidence of trusted site. The KCU website has been authenticated by the VeriSign Certification Authority to help ensure that your online transactions are secure.
  • Our website has firewalls that protect the computer servers, thereby helping to prevent unauthorized access to our network. 
  • eStatements are a convenient, safe and secure way to review your account transactions. eStatements can help ensure that no one else receives your account statements except you. Save time in retrieving your statements, and have an online archive to locate any of your earlier statements right at your desktop.


  • e-Lerts can be set up on your account to help keep a track of your online account. Through this feature, you can be alerted of any changes or discrepancies to your account.
  • Every time you sign in to KCU’s online banking, your last login date and time will be displayed on the top of the page. You can also view login history through this feature. This will help you notice any unauthorized logins and alert you if someone other than you has accessed your account.

Insurance of Funds

The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) operates and manages the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF). Backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government, NCUSIF insures the accounts of millions of account holders in all federal credit unions and the majority of state-chartered credit unions, including Kohler Credit Union.

  • Shared insurance coverage, offered through the NCUSIF, protects members against losses if an insured credit union should fail.
  • The NCUSIF provides all members of federally insured credit unions up to a maximum of $250,000 in coverage for their regular shares, share drafts/checking accounts, money market accounts and share certificates. (If a member has more than one account in the same credit union of the same ownership, those accounts are added together and insured in the aggregate.)
  • Individuals with account balances totaling $250,000 or less at the same insured credit union have full NCUSIF coverage.
  • If a person has more than $250,000 at any single credit union, several options are available for additional coverage because the NCUSIF provides separate insurance for other types of accounts (such as Individual Retirement Accounts).
  • To learn more about the additional coverage and how the NCUSIF insures your funds, visit the NCUA website.